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About us News News - year 2015 Świerklaniec 2015

Świerklaniec 2015

Preparations for show - Nevada after her bath ;)

maj świerklaniec wyprana nevada

10th of May 2015, great day at 10th Golden Retriever Speciality Show in Świerklaniec :-)

Ms Pat Tuck (Tamsbrook) judging boys:

świerkl avilys teneas te
Bruce - AVILYS TENEAS TUIS TE Adsum - EX 4th in junior class

świerkl bruce
Bruce is son of our Roger (Gaudium Vitae Adsum) i Belle (Cheek to Cheek Belle de Jour)

AVILYS IGNIS Adsum - EX in oppen class

świerkl leo
Leo - LAUTUS PRO CANE BONO Adsum EX 4th in working class;

Mr Gordon Kipps (Wheatcroft) judging girls:

świerkla tibi
Tibi (Avilys Tanti Auguri Adsum) - EX in junior class

świerklaniec petra
Petra (Quanti Est Sapere Adsum) - EX 4th in intermediate class

świerkl nesti

Nesti (Avilys Illumina Adsum) EX in oppen class

świerkl pinia
Pinia (Gemma Gemmarum Adsum) - EX 4th in working class

świerklaniec pinia
Pinia is daughterof our Buffy (Durante Vita Adsum) & Robin (Cesarka Evening Edition)

świerkl baja
Baja (Cheek to Cheek Cuvee Extraordinarie) EX 3th in champion class

świerkl buff ex2
 Buffy (Durante Vita Adsum) - ex 2nd in veteran class

świerkl nev ex
Nevada (Nevada Gordius) - EX in veteran class

She also were the oldest one on this show! Our amazing lady is 13 years and 5 months!
We are sooo proud of Nevada and all of our fluffy souls!