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About us News News - year 2015 No i nareszcie są! :) 12 powodów do radości!

No i nareszcie są! :) 12 powodów do radości!

Pinia's first puppies (4boys & 6 girls) came to the world on 13th. September 2015. Now Pinia is is the happiest dog in the world! She has babies, HER OWN PUPPIES! :D
Three days after that, September 16th Kara gave birth to her last pups - one boy and one girl. But Pinia is sure, that these two extra are also hers :P

Sooo... Our life isn't normal, but when puppies are born - it is nothing short of a madhouse! Although we have already had quite a few litters by now, it is a very special time, every time. We just love these little ones, probably we are addicted to! :))))))


Litter "A" Pinia & Cuby:

szczenieta pinii
szczenieta pi
szczenieta pinia
szcz pinia
szcz pinia1
szcz pinia2
szcz pinia4
szcz pinia5
szcz pinia6

Litter "B" Kara & William:

6d DSC0598
11d DSC0982
11d DSC1020
g-25-tyg DSC0565