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Gemma Gemmarum Adsum


The long-awaited daughter of Buffy, grand-daughter of Nevada and also - luckily enough - a daughter of our beloved Robin! She has charmed us from day one: a little sweet baby kangaroo, who had the well-deserved honour to be the most spoiled gnome in the happy herd :-) A cheerful youngster, who kept bringing us various objects in her mouth and needed to be close to us all the time - a natural-born lap dog! ;-)))


Time flies and the youngster has come a long way from the stage of a leggy teen to becoming an elegant young lady... However, she tends to forget her ladylike manners in a second when she spots a muddy puddle (that's from her mum), a ball (she's a total freak, just like her dad) or any other reason to have fun. Oh well... for her will to please and the pure joy she gives us, she can get away with just about anything ;)




-13 IX 2015  Litter "A"  from Joyous Ice Cube:  4 boys and 6 girls

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